Personal Styling



Established in 2009, AMUSE adopts a unique approach by offering personalized one-on-one styling services by appointment. We have assisted more than 1,000 clients to discover their styles. Guided by our 14 years of fashion experience and her intuitive sense of beauty, each customer receives personalized styling advice, tailored to their needs, resolving various outfit pairing concerns. It is time-saving and helps women to flatter their body shapes, boosting their confidence and making them the spotlight.

Having stood the test of time, we advocate the concept of "slow fashion" - prioritizing quality over quantity in consumption. Our garments are crafted from comfortable, durable materials with classic yet stylish designs. We focus on providing high-quality and distinctive pieces that reflect a unique style. It is through attention to detail and the pursuit of sustainable fashion, embracing the idea of "less is more" that our clothing stands the test of time and remains timeless.

AMUSE aims to help each customer discover their own personal style, establishing a harmonious and lasting relationship. With attentive pre-sales and after-sales services, we strive to create a pleasant and heartwarming shopping experience for you. 

Our mission is about more than just transactions; it's about helping you find your signature style and building a lasting fashion sisterhood. With dedicated pre-and post-sales support, we promise a heartwarming and delightful shopping experience. 

At our personal styling sessions, we prioritize and value our clients' privacy. We aim to create a safe and relaxed environment for our clients, where they can freely express their style preferences and receive personalized styling advice without any concern about privacy.

Book an appointment in-store to immerse yourself in the relaxing setting of Amuse. Based on your needs and interests, a curated selection of items from the latest collections and signature pieces will be presented to you to try-on in-store. Discover at AMUSE, where you'll find the perfect style to match your profession and elevate your confidence.